The Best Of The Breed: Breeding Labradors

There are many things you should know if you are considering breeding Labradors, especially for a dog show. The goal of breeding Labradors, or any dog, is for the resulting Labrador to posses the ideal characteristics of the Labrador breed. You won’t know which dogs to breed if you do not know which characteristics are most favorable in Labradors. Learning these traits will help you to successfully breed your Labradors. It could make the difference in winning that first place ribbon at the dog show.

General Characteristics And Appearance

There are several variations of the Labrador breed that would be penalized in a dog show. The Labrador retriever could be one because it is a medium-sized dog with a short coat, small ears, and a short thick tail. Weedy, light dogs; leggy, tall dogs; low-stationed, long dogs; and lumbering, cloddy dogs are all given penalties at dog shows because they contradict the sturdy, proportionate build of the Labrador.

When breeding Labradors, the key is to look for a favorable temperament. This will impress the judges of any dog show. Labrador retrievers are eager to please and they are very outgoing and friendly. Additionally, they are intelligent. Judges look for these characteristics when evaluating Labradors in a dog show.

Certain anatomical characteristics are important when breeding Labradors. The Labrador’s head should ideally include a broad snout, clean cheeks, powerful muzzle, and, white teeth. The nose color can vary depending on the color of the dog, and the nostrils should be wide and open. The eyes should be a slightly triangular-shape and have a kind expression. Finally, the ears should be short, drop, and be triangular in shape.

Labradors can be black, chocolate, or yellow. Yellow dogs may vary in shade, and some labs may have a white spot on the chest, though this is not preferred. The Judges do not give any penalties if a Labrador has white hairs due to aging and scarring

Judges look for Labradors who are bred to be a specific height and weight, which is the height and weight that is typical of Labradors. For male Labradors, the typical height is twenty-two and one-half inches to twenty-four and one-half inches. Male dogs should weigh between sixty-five and eighty pounds. For female Labradors, the typical height is between twenty-one and one-half and twenty-three and one-half inches. The ideal weight for female dogs is fifty-five to seventy pounds.

It is important to be aware of dog show criteria when you are breeding Labradors so you can aspire for certain characteristics and traits. Breeding Labradors can be challenging, but if you are successful it can be very rewarding.


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