Taking A Look At The Different Types Of Labradors

Once a person has decided to get a Labrador, then one has to determine what type of Labrador to get. This is not the easiest task because Labradors come in three primary colors to choose from, not to mention those with an array of different shades. Once the color is determined, one has to decide between an English Lab and an American Lab. Taking the time to research and decide between these details will be an important step to ensuring the happiness of the owner and his new Labrador companion.

Different Colors Of A Labrador

As mentioned above, there are three main colors that a Labrador comes in: black, brown (also known as chocolate), and yellow. Of course, there are different shades stemming from these colors such as charcoal, silver, and fox red. The color of the Labrador makes no difference in their intelligence just in the appearance of the dog. This may be an important thing to consider for some people. When buying a Labrador some people should take the time to determine color of dog they want.

Regional Types Of Labradors

Once a color of dog is figured out, one must decide if an English Lab or an American Lab is right for him/her. In this case the physical appearance of the dog is affected and not just the color of the coat. The English Labrador is heavier and thicker than the American Labrador. This just means that it fills out its frame better than an American Lab. On the other hand, the American Lab is taller and longer-limbed than the English Lab. These will be important characteristics to consider when deciding what role the Lab will play in the owner’s everyday life.

It is obviously important to take the time to research the different types of Labradors available to people today. Owners are happier when they are able to choose what color the dog will be and determine the body type of the dog as well. This is a big deal for hunters and for those interested in entering the dog in competitions. When it comes to purchasing a Labrador one must always make sure that he/she does not spend too much money, no matter what kind it is. There will be another one available at a more appropriate price. So keep your options open!




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